My Ancestory

I started a geneaology project in 2012, to try and tie some of my ancestors together and understand my past.  At first, I thought, the Sears Family Association Web Site had all the information you could ever want on the Sears name and its family history.  My task was complete!  I glanced at some of the 50,000 or so names on the lists, and realized that the Sears family name wasn’t just my family name.  My family name was a combination of my mother’s name and my father’s name. And their parents names. And it’s interesting to find out just what they did, where and how they lived.
So I decided to dig a little deeper.
With this site, I will attempt to document my findings over the last couple of years with some of the interesting characters from my past, and the past of my ancestors, and their friends and neighbours.
It could be a long list…
The Sears Family
The Powell Family
The Aykroyd Family
The Nutt Family
The Quackenbush Family
The Roe-Buck Family
The VanLuven Family
The Stoness Family

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